We all are concerned or at least little interested about recycling and Recycling our waste has thankfully become a mainstream practice in the UK over the last decade. So some brilliant entrepreneurs have taken recycling to a whole new level by turning our waste into beautiful, well designed products. 

Here at Madefromrecycled.com we bring you wide range of recycling, upcycling other envirmentally friendly ideas and inventions for you. Join us on for the latest news and updates.

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We are Made From Recycled which started by Rtistic Ltd in London to inform, encourage and promote products that are made from recycled materials. We all care abd would be happy to contribute in every way we can. But we all need to be aware of what is available for us out there. So come and join us and we will show you what are Made From Recycled products available for you for your house, office, school or any other place. 

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