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Product eco-friendly, made the use of recycled materials. The product is a handcraft product, it is made near Florence, in Italy.Is the large backpack. Perfect for city life, thanks to its large size and its solid structure lets you contain even the most cumbersome goods. Suitable for the student who has to carry books or a notebook, for many who ride a bike, or for any individual in search of a spacious product. This can be a unisex product. The minimal design makes it a trendy product, urban but at the same time elegant. The dimensions of the product are 31 cm wide, 38 cm high (care for not included) and 11 cm in depth. The materials used for the bag are the leather (leather scraps), cotton (fabric remnants), the particulars are made with leather (leather scraps). The product has two pockets, one inside with zip and one outdoor. Two magnets allow it to close. The product is designed to adequately contain heavy and bulky items such as books or a notebook. The product is equipped with two length-adjustable leather straps. Our products are made from recycled materials, all materials that despite not having yet lost their potential are thought to be as waste. Our philosophy is to create design objects with what has already been produced, whilst avoiding to consume additional resources of the planet.



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