Eco friendly green leather modular round bag from recycled soccer ball

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Restyle of the classic PangaeA leather interior 2017, this upcycled 2019 model has several features that beef up the product and satisfy a more classic and elegant taste. Without losing its characteristic of round bag obtained with recycled material and its typical spherical shape with penta exagonal texture, this new look presents the external leather instead of the internal of 2017, the laser printed logo, a much wider opening and the potential for customization. Exactly like PangaeA model Prima Collection 2019 also in this modular model it is imaginable to interchange the closing bag and the shoulder strap. The accessories are adaptable in both models. In a circular economy project,like classic PangaeA leather interior 2017, it also comes from the recycling of soccer balls recovered in Italian playing fields. The flask is ripped into its constituent dowels which are cleaned, colored, treated and reassembled by adding a layer of hand-colored nappa leather and foam rubber. The process, which counts around 1500 points, is carried out strictly by hand in Italy. Classic PangaeA in leather collection 2019 for woman may also be equipped for be a hand bag or shoulder bag.The belt are hand-painted with water colors. All cuts and seams are handmade. It is particularly suitable for individuals who love a new object, original and of artisan quality but which presents a green, eco friendly heart and soul. It isn’t just a matter of wearing a casual bag of unique and unmistakable design, but also of taking sides in favor of the eco-chic movement born of the wish to adhere to a more sustainable fashion with a low environmental have an effect on without losing quality and the uniquely artisan derivation . Each and every bag is packaged in a bag of colored panama fabric to which a cross of cotton thread is applied by hand, which recalls the net of the football goal. Leather pangaea classic model is designed, producted and totally made in Italy. More information about the project: www.pangaeabag.com

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