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Original and recent mosaic creativity, Tissue II – Neurons is inspired by the electron microscope image of neuronal tissue of the spinal cord. The work is a part of the series inspired by the electron microscope images of human tissues. Realized the usage of marbles, stones, Venetian enamels, grès and recycled iron wires. Wooden frame – natural color. – equipped with hooks at the back to be hung. – 52x70x3 cm. **ASK ABOUT A CUSTOM ORDER. If you happen to like what you see, but you need a customized order, please contact me the usage of the link at the right just below my profile picture. I will be able to create new pieces in which you’ll select colors, sizes, shapes, materials, specific and unique details that you need to add. I guarantee the uniqueness of the product. For an original gift or a special day, just contact me with your custom requests to know my handmade proposals for you.



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