Oriental Carpet – Contemporary Mosaic- home decor – mosaic wall art

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original creativity, realized the use of latest technique, with black and white marble, Venetian enamels and more than a few recycled materials (coloured plastic, cork and metal tops, organic materials, electric cable): the marble, traditionally used to make mosaics, creates many black and white frames, in wich the unconventional materials are included. On the lookout for a higher order, each and every part helps to keep its own shape, color and identity. **ASK ABOUT A CUSTOM ORDER. If you like what you see, but you wish to have a customized order, please contact me the use of the link on the right just below my profile picture. I will create new pieces in which you’ll make a choice colors, sizes, shapes, materials, specific and unique details that you wish to have to add. I guarantee the uniqueness of the product. For an original gift or a special occasion, just contact me with your custom requests to know my handmade proposals for you.



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