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PangaeA classic model round woman bag in genuine bordeaux leather, the first sustainable fashion product of the PangaeA bag line, is the person who most identifies it. An artisan bag to be worn over the shoulder without going unnoticed. It isn’t only a matter of wearing a bucket bag of unique and unmistakable design, but also of siding in favor of the eco friendly movement born from the wish to adhere to a more eco fashion with low environmental have an effect on without losing the quality and the one craft derivation. The shoulder bag comes from the recycled artisanal soccer balls recovered within the Italian playgrounds. These are unstitched in their constituents pieces, clean, colored, treated and riasseblated strictly by hand for a total of 1520 points. This bag is unique and it has 718 serial number PangaeA classic model is a unique bag that may be customized on request. The outer shell derived from the soccer ball will also be in bases of color BLACK, BLUE, PINK, BROWN, GREEN. The internal leather color will also be agreed. The upcycled bag is finished with a closure and laces in natural, hand-painted with bordeaux water color. All cuts and seams are handmade. Each and every recycled bag is packaged in a colored panama fabric bag to which a cotton thread crossing that recalls the net of the football goal is applied by hand.



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