Hemp and Cotton Makeup Wipes

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  • Hemp and Cotton Makeup Wipes.  Biodegradable.
  • Approximately 3 inches x 3 inches

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These gorgeous Makeup Wipes are made using only Hemp and Cotton, meaning that when they come to the end of their usefulness they can biodegrade. These measure approx 3 inches x 3 inches. These wipes can be washed at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried but are better be air dried to ensure they retain their absorbency.

Why choose Hemp?

Hemp is only one of 6 genus of plants that enrich the soil they are grown in.

Hemp is soft strong and long lasting.  It is also improved with age.

Recyclable and made to last, it is the oldest known fabric to be found.

Hemp fibre is the strongest natural plant fibre in the world.

Hemp is antibacterial, breathable, strong, durable, ultra absorbent and extremely soft


These wipes are perfect for wiping away Makeup, using in the Shower, cleaning Babies Bottoms etc.  They can even be used for cleaning surfaces and work tops. Some Makeup may stain these wipes, but this doesn’t prevent them from being usable.


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