RRR – Recycled skateboard ring Rasta Ring


Rings are cutted directly from skateboard. Sanded with hands and on lathe. Finished with multiple layers of special varnish.

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Recycled skateboard ring. Rasta Ring. Skateboards are made from layers of colored canadian maple, wood known for its great hardness and nice look. Rings are handcrafted in Poland only from selected boards. Finished with special varnish for additional resistance and waterproofness. By default that ring is 8mm wide. We can narrow it by taking of one or two stripes form the side. In that case contact us before ordering the ring. Thickness depends on size: from 1.4 mm to 2.7mm. Bigger the ring, thicker it will be. You can customize the ring with your sign or symbol. We are making engravings with laser technique on the outside of the ring, just before finishing. That way the sign is resistant and ring stays waterproof. Great as a gift or wedding bands as well. Made to order. Please note: Due to nature of the wood as a material, grain and color may slightly vary between rings. That allows them to be truly unique for you. Available in all sizes!


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